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How Groupify will make your social life better

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We think co-listening should be easy.
That’s why we created Groupify.

What does it do?

It connects all your friends’ music accounts and combines your preferences into one playlist. And hey – we also have some fun extra features. Who doesn’t love kareoke or a good old music quiz?

How does it work?

We access your Spotify user data through their API, and use our awesome AI algorithms to generate the perfect mix for your group and what you are up to.

When do I use it?

Any time you like! It is most frequently used at parties, dinners, workouts and roadtrips, but can also be used to find the perfect mix for the office or for the study sessions with your classmates.

Why will I like it?

Because it removes all the struggle, and gives you all the fun. Now, everyone in your crew gets to hear some of their favorite songs, while still respecting others
preferences. As we like to put it: no more bad vibes. Nice, huh?

What does it cost?

Nothing! It is free of charge, but in order to cover our costs, we allow some ads to pop up once in a while. However, this issue is up for grabs – if you rather would pay for ad-free versions or extra features, drop us an email!

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Don’t kill the vibe.

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