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Five final year students at KTH
who enjoy a good drink and nice music

We love getting to know more people!

Scroll down to get to know us better – and
feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn!

Sara Gustafsson

If Sara can’t code it, none of use can. Connect with Sara.

Emelie Bergström

If it can be turned into a good business, Emelie will make
it one. Connect with Emelie.

Aleks Durowicz

If Aleks doesn’t have a method with a cool name for it,
there is none. Connect with Aleks.

Caroline Mayer

If you have ever met a stressed Carro without a structured plan, you definitely confused her with someone else. Connect with Caroline.

Johanna Dyremark

If you are dealing with something messy, Johanna can always sort things out and summerize it in some pretty-looking slides. Connect with Johanna.

And not to forget – a massive thank you to all
who have participated in this project!

Don’t kill the vibe.

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